This is my focus,  and that’s exactly what I do.   Bringing a bullie home is more than getting a family pet. Bullies are the glue that bonds families together through unconditional love and support.  They greet us with big goofy grins, huff at us when we haven’t let them outside, and yes, love us through every mood of the day.

The precious, unconditional love that bulldogs have for their people is why they’re so dearly treasured. At the I Am Bulldog Nation, we want you to know that we love your bulldogs as much as you do. #IABNation

“These dogs are a tremendous blessing! No matter what kind of day I’ve had, these guys make me feel like a rock star. Their wagging tails and slobbering mugs let me know that everything is going to be alright.”

–Mike Tucker


Mike and Eva have both been animal lovers their entire lives.

As a kid, Mike used to hide away stray dogs and sneak food from the kitchen. Miles away Eva was busy rescuing one mangy, down-trodden dog after another, much to her parents’ dismay. Well, as the story goes, this continued into adulthood for both Eva and Mike and really ramped up when their two paths crossed in 1987–and the rest, as they say, is history!

Together Mike and Eva have loved and cared for hundreds of dogs of many breeds. About 25 years ago, they decidedly narrowed their attention to bulldogs and committed themselves to improving the health and happiness of every bullie they encountered.

This collective passion and dedication has led to the establishment of I Am Bulldog.

Today, Mike and Eva are fully committed to guiding bulldog families in how to better understand, care for, and support their loving companions.

Our goal is to reach out beyond the mediocre and make something significantly special in the Bulldog World.  Although there have been ups and downs these past 20 plus years, our driving force has always been the love for these dogs.


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“If you are thinking about getting a Bulldog, you need to talk to Mike at I Am Bulldog. He is extremely knowledgeable about the breed and we have learned so much from him. We purchased a puppy from him in March 2019. We went to Mike’s house to meet our puppy’s parents when she was two weeks old. We noticed that the mother and father had a great temperament. Our dog is no exception – sweet, funny and a little stubborn 😀. She is a beautiful, healthy girl.”

– J. Mills