February 7, 2020

DSK Bulldogs Announces Major Rebranding to I Am Bulldog

Emory, TX, Release: February 7, 2020. For Immediate Release

DSK Bulldogs, a company known far and wide for breeding beautiful, family-friendly bulldogs today announced a major rebranding to reflect the company’s shift in services.

I Am Bulldog began as a side project at DSK Bulldogs and quickly took on a life of its own. “We started I Am Bulldog as a way to reach out to bulldog owners that were dealing with common and chronic bulldog related problems,” says founder and owner Mike Tucker, “We wanted to ensure that these amazing animals were getting the highest quality care possible.”

Mike Tucker and his wife Eva have now reconstructed their business from top to bottom. Their previous services at DSK Bulldogs revolved primarily around breeding healthy, hearty bulldogs from generations of proven pedigree. The new I Am Bulldog services are centered around the numerous needs of all bulldogs and their owners.

Bulldog owner Kara Potts says, “We started following Mike years ago and finally made the jump last year. Mike and Eva have helped us so much over the year with Zeus.” She adds, “They’ve been there for us with every question or worry we’ve had. They’re great friends to have made. We love being part of the IAB Nation and are excited to see this platform grow!”

A pivotal part of the rebrand is the launch of the I Am Bulldog Nation. The IAB Nation was created for all bulldog lovers, owners, and families that are committed to improving the lives of bulldogs through sharing, caring, and connecting. It begins with an interactive map on www.iambulldog.com. Here, bulldog owners can register their bullie(s) and connect with the I Am Bulldog Nation social media channels. In this space, bullie owners are encouraged to discuss all things bulldogs while celebrating all those precious moments that are unique to the bullie-life.

The DSK Bulldogs to I Am Bulldog rebrand encompasses nearly every aspect of the company to include new service offers represented by a developed brand style, a fresh new website, and a more playful logo. Additionally, I Am Bulldog is hard at work crafting new messaging, communications, correspondence and content strategy.

Co-owner Eva Tucker sheds light on the company’s new approach, “we were just ready to broaden our scope. We knew there was more we could do to aid bulldogs and their families and frankly, it was just time to put that part of the dream into motion. Part of the bullie-life is putting your heart on the line and that’s just what we’ve chosen to do with I Am Bulldog.”

Contact info:

Name: Mike Tucker
Organization: I Am Bulldog
Company URL: www.iambulldog.com
Email: mike@iambulldog.com
Phone: 903.440.0553


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