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We find great joy in expanding the I Am Bulldog Nation through stud matching and puppy placement! Thank you for taking the time to explore our amazing dogs.


The I Am Bulldog (formerly DSK Bulldogs) studs are the best in the business. Many people wonder, what makes an exceptional bulldog stud? Well, this is a stud that produces equal or better than himself when paired with a proper female.

At I Am Bulldog, we’ve gone to great lengths to research pedigrees and study entire families of bulldogs to ensure we bring the best of the best into our breeding program. Our primary breeding goal is to produce healthy and beautiful animals with excellent structure and great family-friendly personalities  –and that’s just what we do!

If you would like to use one of our beautiful males as a stud, contact us here!

We ship semen worldwide and provide breeding support and instruction.





Sub Zero


The I AM Bulldog (formerly DSK Bulldogs) dams are much healthier and heartier than the average bulldog. Our bulldogs are able to breed naturally and whelp puppies naturally as well.

Health and temperament are the first priorities of our breeding program and it shows with every puppy we produce. Our bulldogs make exceptional pets and loving family companions.

If you are interested in a puppy from a specific Dam, don’t hesitate to connect!







The puppies at I Am Bulldog are the joys of our lives! We adore every rolly-polly bundle we birth and it shows. Just take a look at some of the puppies our bulldogs have produced and you’ll meet some of the finest bulldogs in the world.

When it comes to puppy placement, we take our job very seriously. We must be sure that you are the right fit for one of our babies — and that he/she is the right fit for you. Our puppy placement includes a vetting process as well as a personal meeting or video interview.

Once these puppies are born, we count them among our family and that love extends to whomever they’re placed with. Taking home an IAB Puppy is a surefire way to get your spot secured on the I Am Bulldog Nation Map  —  we know you want to!

If you are indeed interested in one of our available puppies, please reach out!


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