Our Focused Areas

Care & Appearance

Parasite control, wrinkle and hotspot care, ensuring a shiny and healthy coat, best grooming practices

Bullie Tips & Tricks

Tips and tricks on how to keep your bulldog puppy healthy, bulldog breeding tips

Training & Obediance

This include house training/crate training, socialization for your bulldog, behavioral management, bonding with your bulldog, puppy rearing

Breeding & Genetics

Mate selection, progesterone testing/when to breed, artificial insemination, dealing with unexpected pitfalls

Health & Nutrition

Food and supplement selection, benefits of raw diets, dealing with allergies, heat exhaustion protection

Special Needs

Cost saving home remedies, keeping your bullie safe, potential surgeries and treatments.

Bulldog Puppies

Some of the finest English Bulldog bloodlines, carefully bred with healthy studs and dams free from chronic genetic issues. Our bulldogs are much healthier and heartier than the average bulldog. Our bulldogs are able to breed naturally, whelp puppies naturally, and make exceptional pets and family companions. We breed our bulldogs first and foremost for health and temperament.

Bulldog Products

Whether you are looking for premium supplements, improved health for your bullie, or bulldog gear – this is the place to go!

Advice And Coaching

Providing advice and coaching for a happier and healthier life for you and your bulldog.  Our canine coach, Mike Tucker, has more than 25 years of extensive experience and expertise in ALL THINGS BULLDOG.  We are committed to you and your puppy from the very start through the duration of its lifetime. We provide coaching via personal meetup, phone calls, and videos that are shared on social platforms.  Follow our YouTube channel to keep up with the latest tips and tricks for your English bulldog.

Bulldog Studs

What is an exceptional bulldog stud? It’s a stud that produces equal or better than himself when paired with the proper female. After 25 years of breeding bulldogs, we believe that the current studs we have to offer are the best in the business! Here at I AM BULLDOG we have gone to great lengths to research pedigrees and study entire families of bulldogs to bring the best of the best in our breeding program through our selection of studs. We are now offering these exceptional boys to the public. Please understand, our primary goal as a breeder of bulldogs is to produce healthy and beautiful animals with excellent structure and a great family personality. If you would like to use one of our males as a stud, feel free to contact us to discuss. We would love to help you with your breeding goals!

Well-Researched Pedigrees

Healthy Bloodlines

Worldwide Semen Shipment

Canine Coaching Packages

Choose any of our exciting packages for you and your bulldog needs!


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6 Month Program


6 Month Program


6 Month Program

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