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No Bones About It!

We all know that dogs love to chew on bones and most people know that cooked or table bones are not a good idea for any dog. But what many Bulldog owners don’t know is that there are also numerous store-bought bone treats that are an absolute no-go for the bullie they know and love.  read more


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There is a disconnect that exists between most bulldog breeders and the families who lovingly take a bulldog home. This leaves owners without the proper guidance, knowledge, and wisdom to best care for their bullie.

We are here to change that, we are here for you and your bullie–for life!


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We are committed to the I Am Bulldog Nation and we’re here to provide trustworthy information and support to you for the life of your bullie. Welcome to the place for all things bulldog!

“Mike has the most beautiful bulldogs out there. He is honest and upfront about everything. When you get a dog from him you become part of his family and he will always be available if you have questions.”

– Matthew Wells

“I Am Bulldog and Mike are the real deal. When you get a dog from I Am Bulldog you can be confident you are getting the best and you have made a friend for life in Mike. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

– Jason Ackerman

“There isn’t enough words to describe the love and passion Mike has for his bulldogs. He not only breeds the most healthy and beautiful bullies but also cares so deeply for the families they go to. He isn’t your normal breeder where once they leave his care he is done, he is with you for life.”

– Kelcee Whinery


“The I Am Bulldog Services are AWESOME!”

Mike’s enthusiasm, depth of knowledge, and patience with all our questions have been nothing short of amazing. Our son Alec is now learning to apply the behavioral techniques we’ve learned and the results are great! Who knew dog training could be both fun and rewarding?? We are looking forward to being part of the IAB Nation for life!

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