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Thanks for visiting my website, the place for ALL THINGS BULLDOG. If you are looking for a healthy, amazingly beautiful world class bulldog with a wonderful family temperament then you are at the right place!
But that’s not all. I’m also here to provide incredible resources, products and services for you and your bullie. Having raised and nurtured bulldogs for almost 25 years I understand the challenges that owning a bulldog can present. My goal is to help you and your bulldog live a happier, healthier life! If you love bulldogs, welcome home.
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For almost 25  years, I have lived & breathed all things bulldog! I’ve sold hundreds of bulldogs all over the world and I am here to share my expertise! My mission is to make your journey with owning & breeding bulldogs the best that it can be. 

What Our Customers Are Saying…



Melissa C.

“We worked with Mike to bring home our Chocolate Tri Bulldog, Rosie. I have shared a home with bulldogs for nearly 25 years now, and she is the best dog we have ever had. Our vet regularly says that she is the healthiest bulldog she has ever seen. Mike was a joy to work with, and it was clear that he breeds the best dogs because he loves the breed. He has a vested interest in making sure his dogs go to great homes, and doesn’t just let his dogs go to anybody. We keep in touch regularly with photos, and are hoping to bring another one of his dogs into our home soon!”

Paige Odell

Mike is an amazing partner when searching for a new bully fur-baby. I researched breeders all over the country (after having a bully baby riddled with health issues related to bad breeding & probably over breeding) and found IAB to be the very best option for our family. Our Rosie is healthy, happy and our vet told us she is SO impressed not only with her coloring but also with her overall health. Especially her respiratory system. We would (and probably will) get another baby from IAB.  Mike is always available, follows up to see how things are going and truly cares about these babies. Highly recommend!

Kara Potts

“We purchased a bulldog from Mike at the end of February. We spoke many times before we actually picked out our bulldog and got to know Mike as a breeder and actually learn about our dog as well. We picked Zeus up from his home and he educated us on everything he could think of around bringing him home and helping him adjust. He was very nice and made us feel like this wasn’t just us buying a bulldog but as if we made a new friend. He’s been there for us many times with any questions or concerns and he checks up on Zeus as well. We love our Zeus and are so happy he’s part of our family. He’s healthy as can be and so beautiful. We plan to purchase another dog from Mike in the future. We refer everyone to him that compliments our Zeus (which is a lot of people). You really can’t go wrong with the health of the dogs, their beauty and having Mike help guide you.”

Anthony Toupin

Mike produces amazing bulldogs. We had the pleasure of getting our two pups through him. Not only are they beautiful dogs, but healthy, active, and with perfect temperaments. With so many breeders out there in it for all the wrong reasons, Mike stands above with his commitment to the breed and going about it the right way.
Thank you for completing our little family and for your continued interest and support for our dogs!”

Jennifer Mills

If you are thinking about getting a Bulldog, you need to talk to Mike. He is extremely knowledgeable about the breed and we have learned so much from him. We purchased a puppy from him in March 2019. We went to Mike’s house to meet our puppy’s parents when she was two weeks old. We noticed that the mother and father had a great temperament. Our dog is no exception – sweet, funny and a little stubborn. She is a beautiful, healthy girl.”

Mark Latham

We bought our first bulldog from Michael. I did a lot of research before choosing him. He was so helpful with teaching me about the bulldog and his breed. He truly cares about his dogs and the people that will be taking them home. He does an outstanding job with the breeding and the dogs are absolutely amazing from looks (old school muscled up bulldogs) to their temperament ( friendly and calm). If you are looking to take home a bulldog you owe it to yourself to meet with Michael and see what he’s got going on. You won’t be disappointed!”

Kelcee Whinery

There isn’t enough words to describe the love and passion Mike has for his bulldogs. He not only breeds the most healthy and beautiful bullies but also cares so deeply for the families they go to. He isn’t your normal breeder where once they leave his care he is done, he is with you for life. We have not just received a beautiful bulldog but we have received a great friend also. Our bully is not only handsome and healthy but his mannerism is amazing. He is the most docile and loving boy. So happy we have found IAB Bulldogs!!!!!”

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