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Our Dams

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Lilac Tri Female

This doll of a female is the result of multi-generations of I AM BULLDOG breedings.  STARBURST embodies health, temperament and natural beauty in an English Bulldog.  STARBURST is a littermate to PLAY-DOH and is the female version of him.  We can’t wait to see what beautiful babies our PAINTBALL x STARBURST litter produces!


Beautiful Merle Female

RAIN DANCER is Eva’s personal companion!  “RAIN” is so smart, and so playful that it’s hard to believe she’s not a puppy anymore.  RAIN is compact and petite, and will produce wonderful MINIATURE English Bulldogs with our boy SMOKE!  RAIN DANCER is a name to remember!


Beautiful Merle Female

OH MY GOODNESS!  This girl is built like a male, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Her astonishing looks draw attention wherever she goes; and she is truly an I AM BULLDOG favorite.  MAYA is ball crazy, LOL! She loves playing fetch and tug of war.  The only thing that MAYA loves more than her toys is her people.  Stay tuned, we are looking to make some amazing PLAY-DOH x MAYA babies!


Blue and White Female

If we had one dog that would/could be a female bodybuilder, it would be GAGA.  What an absolutely STUNNING picture of health!  This girl has a truly amazing body on her!  This is where it all started for us here at I AM BULLDOG, and we have not deviated: creating amazingly healthy English Bulldogs with powerful muscled up bodies instead of fat, chubby roly-poly sausage bodies.  If a healthy, fit bulldog with tight skin and body is what you are looking for, you’ve come to the right source!  PAINTBALL x GAGA babies on the way!