What Is The Absolute Best Nutritional System For My Pet? Holistic, Of Course!

What Is The Absolute Best Nutritional System For My Pet?                     Holistic, Of Course!

As a breeder and pet lover, I have a vested interest in the health and longevity of my furbabies. Good nutrition is the best way to maintain good health, and I have researched and found what I feel to be one of the best high quality kibble available, and my dogs are thriving on it. These foods are not available in retail stores. They are organic and contain no preservatives, fillers, corn, or gluten. All ingredients are grown and produced in the USA, and the first ingredient is always real meat .This kibble has an 83% digestibility rating which means 83% of the food eaten is utilized nutritionally in the body and only 17% comes out as waste.  This is a leader in the market. Since the kibble is very nutrient dense, you will feed less of it. The brand I use and recommend is pawTree. https://shop.pawtree.com/iambulldog/products/983

Our company also has a large line of holistic products that I have found really work.  Wellness products are too many to list, but include holistic remedies for anxiety, allergies, pain, brain health, skin health, heart health, joint health as well as grooming supplies and much more.  Trust me, you and your babies will LOVE the products.  Just like us, our dogs deserve the best for a quality long-lasting life. I always prefer utilizing holistic approaches to minor issues, and I now have products to recommend to my customers when there is an issue. These help them avoid vet bills and the usage of traditional medications that can sometimes have long term side effects.  We are so confident that you will see the pawTree difference that we offer a 100% money back guarantee on all products for 90 days!

Following are some supplements I use that help prevent issues from occurring: 

Salmon Oil - a very important supplement that helps maintain brain, heart, skin, and coat health.  Many times people think their dog has an allergy due to itching/scratching when it is just unhealthy skin. https://pawtree.com/iambulldog/product/2024 

Gastro Pro Plus- contains prebiotics, probiotics, and soothing herbs. The majority of a dog's immunity comes from good gut health. https://pawtree.com/iambulldog/product/2292

Joint Support Plus- to keep their joints healthy as they grow and mature  and  prevent mobility issues from developing. https://pawtree.com/iambulldog/product/GMJSP_D

CBD Mega- promotes overall vitality https://pawtree.com/iambulldog/product/2489

As a treat, I give my dogs vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants via pawTree’s PawPairings which are food toppers that change up the flavor of their food. 


If you would like to provide the best nutrition possible to your babies, utilize the Pet Profile found here:  www.pawTree.com/iambulldog   You will find it in the menu bar and it will help you determine the best kibble and/or supplements for your individual dog (or cat).   

You can even get free shipping on your dog food by setting it up as an EZ ship (auto ship) that can be edited at any time.  You would need to include three non-food items in that EZ ship and then all items ship for free.  Every time you have an EZ ship order, you will receive points (one for every dollar spent). They accumulate for you to use to buy future products. Even if you do not need or purchase 3 items, you still get 25% off shipping so it’s well worth it.  In addition, you can use promo code INTRO4U  to get 20% off any order (can only be used once). 

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