Three Tips In Selecting A Bulldog Breeder
I hear the horror stories after the purchase. The buyer has been ghosted by their breeder, and they are now left to navigate things by themselves. Selecting a Bulldog puppy is important. Very important. You want to get just the...
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Who Is Mike Tucker from I AM BULLDOG?
What do you do when you bring a new Bulldog puppy home? How do you care for your new Bulldog companion? What about proper health, nutrition and training for your Bulldog as it grows up? Who do you call when...
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Ethical vs Unethical Bulldog Breeders
The Importance of Ethical Breeding Practices for English Bulldogs has never been greater. Here's some ideas that I'd like to share for your consideration, whether you are a Bulldog breeder or someone that is looking for your furever Bully friend....
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