Deposit for VIP Puppy List

Deposit for VIP Puppy List

Regular price $500.00

Call Mike @ 903-440-0553 for deposit payment options.

Want to secure an I AM BULLDOG Puppy? Secure your spot on our VIP Puppy List and make sure you don't miss out on our upcoming litters.

Get the exact puppy that you want: (male/female, color, sire or dam, time you will be ready for a puppy, etc...)

Puppy picks are made by order of deposit. By placing a $500 DEPOSIT TO HOLD, you are putting yourself on the VIP PUPPY LIST, and will get priority updates on upcoming bulldog litters and bulldog puppies as things develop.

The $500 VIP PUPPY LIST deposit is applied to the overall price of your eventual puppy. Prices of puppies do vary. 

Contact Mike at I AM BULLDOG directly for price structure: or Phone:

Call Mike Puppy Application


We are always eager to hear from you about ALL THINGS BULLDOG. Don’t hesitate to reach out! Your Bulldog concern is our Bulldog concern.